Clutter is a common challenge that many individuals with ADHD face, and it can have a significant impact on their daily lives. In an enlightening episode of the ADHD Support Talk Radio Podcast, co-host Lynne Edris tackles the issue of clutter head-on. She delves into the various reasons why clutter accumulates and provides practical steps for taking a coaching approach to prevent and solve clutter problems.

Lynne begins by emphasizing the importance of understanding why clutter often accumulates for individuals with ADHD. She highlights that clutter can stem from difficulties with decision-making, organizing, and maintaining focus. It can also be a result of impulsivity, as individuals may struggle to resist the temptation to hold onto items that they don’t necessarily need or have space for.

To address clutter at its core, Lynne introduces the concept of a “coaching approach” to preventing and solving clutter problems. This approach involves implementing practical strategies and techniques that can be applied in everyday life to maintain an organized and clutter-free environment.

One key aspect of the coaching approach is recognizing the importance of “arresting the process” of clutter accumulation. Lynne explains that by interrupting the cycle of clutter, individuals can prevent it from spiraling out of control and becoming overwhelming. She shares strategies such as setting boundaries, establishing designated spaces for items, and implementing regular decluttering sessions to keep clutter at bay.

Furthermore, Lynne emphasizes the significance of developing effective decision-making skills when it comes to dealing with clutter. She discusses the “four Ds” approach: Do it, Delegate it, Delay it, or Dump it. This framework helps individuals make informed choices about what to do with their belongings, enabling them to let go of unnecessary items and keep their spaces organized.

Lynne also highlights the importance of self-compassion and realistic expectations when tackling clutter. She encourages individuals not to be too hard on themselves and to acknowledge that decluttering is an ongoing process. By adopting a patient and compassionate mindset, individuals can gradually make progress and create lasting changes in their living environments.

Throughout the episode, Lynne shares practical tips and strategies that individuals can implement in their own lives to prevent and solve clutter problems. From implementing routines and systems for organizing to seeking support from professionals or accountability partners, there are various approaches to address clutter and create a more organized and harmonious space.

In conclusion, the ADHD Support Talk Radio Podcast episode featuring Lynne Edris sheds light on the issue of clutter and provides valuable insights into preventing and solving clutter problems. By understanding the reasons behind clutter accumulation and adopting a coaching approach, individuals with ADHD can take proactive steps to maintain an organized environment and improve their daily lives.

Lynne’s practical strategies, such as “arresting the process” of clutter accumulation, utilizing effective decision-making techniques, and practicing self-compassion, offer a roadmap for individuals seeking to overcome clutter challenges. By implementing these strategies consistently and embracing the ongoing nature of decluttering, individuals can create a clutter-free space that supports their well-being and productivity.

The episode serves as a reminder that clutter is not an insurmountable obstacle. With the right mindset, tools, and strategies, individuals can reclaim control over their living spaces and experience the benefits of an organized and clutter-free environment. The ADHD Support Talk Radio Podcast continues to provide valuable guidance and support for individuals navigating the challenges associated with ADHD and clutter.

Podcast Co-Host Lynne Edris is a Productivity & ADHD Coach who helps overwhelmed professionals from all over the world learn to accomplish what they intend and take control of their days with ease so that they can perform at the level of their abilities and have more time, more energy and more bandwidth for what matters most to them. Lynne is a woman, wife, and mom with ADHD herself, so she understands the struggles and challenges of living with ADHD. She has gone from living in the constant state of chaos, overwhelm, and under-performance that adults with ADHD know far too well, to living a life of more success and fulfillment than she once dreamed possible. Her passion is to help others fulfill their own potential and start “firing on all cylinders” in all areas of your life. You can learn more about Lynne at, and text keyword “HACK” to 33777 to get her 7 Fool-Proof Productivity Hacks for overwhelmed professionals!

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