In a thought-provoking episode of the ADHD Support Talk Radio Podcast, co-hosts Tara McGillicuddy and Lynne Edris delve into the common complaint of overwhelm among individuals with ADHD. Together, they shed light on the nature of overwhelm, the importance of clarity in managing and preventing it, and provide practical strategies to break free from its grip and regain control over daily life.

The co-hosts begin by discussing the concept of overwhelm and what it truly represents for individuals with ADHD. They explain that overwhelm is not simply a feeling of being stressed or burdened by tasks and responsibilities. Instead, they emphasize that overwhelm is a state of mental and emotional overload that occurs when the demands placed on an individual exceed their capacity to cope effectively.

Lynne and Tara emphasize the role of clarity in managing and preventing overwhelm. They highlight the importance of gaining clarity about priorities, goals, and values as a foundation for effective decision-making and time management. By understanding what truly matters to them, individuals can make more informed choices and allocate their time and energy accordingly.

The co-hosts then share practical strategies to help listeners break free from overwhelm and regain control over their days. They discuss the power of setting boundaries, both in terms of managing external demands and internal distractions. By establishing clear boundaries and learning to say “no” when necessary, individuals can protect their time and energy from being consumed by unimportant tasks or requests.

Tara and Lynne also emphasize the value of planning and organization in combating overwhelm. They discuss the benefits of creating a structured system for managing tasks and responsibilities, such as using calendars, to-do lists, and reminders. By implementing these organizational tools, individuals can reduce mental clutter and gain a sense of control over their commitments.

The co-hosts address the tendency of individuals with ADHD to get caught up in perfectionism, which can contribute to overwhelm. They encourage listeners to embrace the concept of “good enough” and to prioritize progress over perfection. By letting go of the need for everything to be flawless, individuals can alleviate the pressure and stress associated with overwhelming expectations.

Furthermore, Tara and Lynne emphasize the importance of self-care in managing overwhelm. They discuss the significance of taking regular breaks, engaging in activities that bring joy and relaxation, and practicing stress-reducing techniques such as mindfulness and deep breathing. By prioritizing self-care, individuals can replenish their energy and enhance their resilience in the face of overwhelm.

The co-hosts also address the issue of information overload, which is particularly relevant in the digital age. They discuss the need to limit exposure to excessive stimuli, such as social media and news, which can contribute to overwhelm. They encourage listeners to establish healthy boundaries with technology and to create designated periods of time for focused work or relaxation without constant digital distractions.

Throughout the episode, Tara and Lynne emphasize the importance of self-awareness and self-compassion in managing overwhelm. They acknowledge that overwhelm is a common challenge for individuals with ADHD and emphasize the need for patience and understanding towards oneself. They encourage listeners to seek support from trusted individuals, such as coaches or therapists, who can provide guidance and assistance in navigating overwhelm.

In conclusion, the episode featuring Tara McGillicuddy and Lynne Edris on the ADHD Support Talk Radio Podcast addresses the common complaint of overwhelm among individuals with ADHD. By understanding the nature of overwhelm, cultivating clarity, and implementing practical strategies, individuals can break free from the chains of overwhelm and regain control over their days. Through the power of setting boundaries, planning and organization, embracing imperfection, practicing self-care, and managing information overload, individuals can navigate overwhelm more effectively and create a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Tara McGillicuddy is described by those who know her – clients, fellow leaders, and community – as dedicated to the deep, soulful energetic-level shifts required by life. Whether she’s helping to SEE your life more clearly, identify where you’re stuck, tuning into sacred energies OR she’s helping to build a practical life with tools, structure, physical help and precise action steps, she is committed to giving everything she knows to help you live your best life and to feel fulfilled by it.

Tara has been known and celebrated in the ADHD community for decades of practical and long-lasting shifts in tens of thousands in her communities. The creator of, The ADHD Awareness Expo and ADHD Support Talk Radio Tara is one of the longest-standing leaders in the field. Over the years she has also honed her natural skills as an empath. She now also combines the rare gift of sight and energetic knowing and her latest project is Empath Now a resource to help Empower Empaths.

Podcast Co-Host Lynne Edris is a Productivity & ADHD Coach who helps overwhelmed professionals from all over the world learn to accomplish what they intend and take control of their days with ease so that they can perform at the level of their abilities and have more time, more energy and more bandwidth for what matters most to them. Lynne is a woman, wife, and mom with ADHD herself, so she understands the struggles and challenges of living with ADHD. She has gone from living in the constant state of chaos, overwhelm, and under-performance that adults with ADHD know far too well, to living a life of more success and fulfillment than she once dreamed possible. Her passion is to help others fulfill their own potential and start “firing on all cylinders” in all areas of your life. You can learn more about Lynne at, and text keyword “HACK” to 33777 to get her 7 Fool-Proof Productivity Hacks for unfocused professionals!

ADHD Support Talk Radio is an award winning Podcast for Adults with ADD / ADHD. Co-hosts Tara McGillicuddy and Lynne Edris are joined by Adult ADHD experts and they cover important topics related to Adult ADD / ADHD. Podcast guests include Dr. Edward Hallowell, Dr. Stephanie Sarkis, Dr. Ari Tuckman, Laurie Dupar, Terry Matlen and many more.

Tara McGillicuddy is the Producer, Owner and Co-host of the ADHD Support Talk Radio Podcast. You may contact Tara with general questions or feedback about the podcast.

Lynne Edris is the Co-host of the ADHD Support Talk Radio Podcast. You may contact Lynne with feedback about her episodes.

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