In an insightful episode of the ADHD Support Talk Radio Podcast, co-host Lynne Edris is joined by Diane O’Reilly to delve into the topic of boundaries, overwhelm, and adult ADHD. Together, they shed light on why individuals with ADHD often struggle with setting and maintaining boundaries, and how this relates to the common challenge of overwhelm. Throughout the episode, they provide practical strategies that listeners can implement right away.

Lynne and Diane begin the discussion by highlighting the connection between boundaries and overwhelm in the context of adult ADHD. They explain that individuals with ADHD often have difficulty prioritizing, saying no, and setting limits, which can lead to feeling overwhelmed by commitments, responsibilities, and external demands. They emphasize that boundaries are essential for managing overwhelm and creating a more balanced and fulfilling life.

One key aspect they address is the internal struggle that individuals with ADHD face when it comes to setting boundaries. They discuss how self-doubt, fear of rejection, and the desire to please others can hinder the establishment of healthy boundaries. Lynne and Diane emphasize the importance of recognizing these internal barriers and cultivating self-awareness to overcome them.

The conversation also explores the impact of ADHD symptoms on boundary-setting abilities. Lynne and Diane discuss how difficulties with time management, organization, and impulsivity can make it challenging for individuals with ADHD to establish and maintain boundaries effectively. They offer strategies such as utilizing visual aids, setting realistic expectations, and practicing self-compassion to overcome these challenges.

Furthermore, the co-hosts delve into the concept of boundaries in relationships. They discuss the dynamics that can arise when one partner has ADHD and how it can affect boundaries within the relationship. Lynne and Diane emphasize the importance of open communication, mutual understanding, and compromise to establish healthy boundaries and maintain a harmonious partnership.

Throughout the episode, Lynne and Diane provide practical strategies for setting and maintaining boundaries. They emphasize the significance of self-reflection and identifying personal values and priorities as a foundation for establishing boundaries. They discuss techniques such as assertive communication, using “I” statements, and learning to say no without guilt. They also stress the importance of self-care, including setting boundaries around personal time and energy.

Moreover, the co-hosts address the challenges that may arise when setting boundaries with family, friends, and colleagues. They share strategies for effectively communicating boundaries, managing expectations, and navigating potential conflicts that may arise. They also highlight the importance of self-advocacy and seeking support when needed.

In conclusion, the podcast episode featuring Lynne Edris and Diane O’Reilly offers valuable insights and practical strategies for individuals with ADHD to navigate the complexities of setting and maintaining boundaries. By understanding the connection between boundaries and overwhelm, listeners can gain a deeper understanding of their own struggles and implement strategies to establish healthier boundaries in various aspects of their lives. Through self-reflection, assertive communication, and self-care practices, individuals with ADHD can cultivate a greater sense of balance, reduce overwhelm, and enhance their overall well-being.

Diane OReilly HeadshotDiane O’Reilly:Diane O’Reilly is an ADHD Life Coach, ADHD herself and owner of her own Coaching practice where for more than a decade she’s been Coaching ADHD adults, parents and teens. She approaches Coaching in a holistic and compassionate way, believing that people with ADHD aren’t broken in need of fixing but whole in need of deeper understanding, using approaches that allow people with ADHD to transform into the fullest expression of who they are while also embracing and accepting their whole ADHD self fully. You can find her at


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