Tara McGillicuddy and Jessica McCabe are both well-known figures in the ADHD community, and their conversation about getting things done with ADHD provides valuable insights and practical tips for individuals with ADHD looking to improve their productivity.

Jessica McCabe is the creator of the popular YouTube channel “HowtoADHD,” where she shares personal experiences and strategies for managing ADHD. Her expertise and relatability have made her a trusted resource for many individuals with ADHD seeking guidance.

In their conversation, Jessica offers several practical tips to help people with ADHD increase their productivity. Here are some of the key strategies she discusses:

1. Break tasks into smaller, manageable steps: People with ADHD often struggle with initiating and completing tasks, especially those that require sustained attention. Jessica suggests breaking down tasks into smaller, more manageable steps. This approach can make the task feel less overwhelming and increase the likelihood of starting and finishing it.

2. Use external reminders and visual cues: ADHD individuals often struggle with forgetfulness and time management. Jessica recommends using external reminders and visual cues to stay organized and on track. This could include setting alarms, using sticky notes or whiteboards, and creating visual schedules or to-do lists.

3. Implement time-blocking and prioritization: Time-blocking involves setting specific periods for different activities or tasks throughout the day. Jessica highlights the importance of prioritizing tasks and allocating dedicated time blocks for each one. This method helps individuals focus on one task at a time and reduces the tendency to get overwhelmed by multiple responsibilities.

4. Leverage technology and apps: There are numerous apps and tools available specifically designed to assist individuals with ADHD in managing their time, tasks, and organization. Jessica suggests exploring these options and finding the ones that work best for you. Some popular choices include reminder apps, habit trackers, and task management tools.

5. Utilize accountability partners or support groups: Having someone to hold you accountable can significantly boost productivity. Jessica recommends finding an accountability partner or joining a support group where you can share your goals, progress, and challenges with like-minded individuals. This support system can provide motivation, encouragement, and a sense of camaraderie.

6. Practice self-compassion and celebrate achievements: ADHD individuals often struggle with self-criticism and feelings of failure. Jessica emphasizes the importance of practicing self-compassion and acknowledging even small achievements. Celebrating progress, no matter how small, helps maintain motivation and a positive mindset.

These tips are just a glimpse of the valuable insights and strategies shared by Jessica McCabe during her conversation with Tara McGillicuddy. It’s important to note that strategies that work for one person with ADHD may not work for everyone, as ADHD manifests differently in individuals. Therefore, it’s essential for each person to experiment and find the strategies and techniques that suit their unique needs and preferences.

This interview originally aired at the ADHD Awareness Expo.


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Jessica McCabe is the creator and host of “How to ADHD,” a YouTube series committed to educating and supporting ADHD brains around the world. Her outreach and her message have been featured by Upworthy, ADDitude Magazine, Today.com, and in her recent TEDx talk. She posts new episodes for her subscribers every week at http://howtoadhd.com.



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