ADHD Coach Madelyn Griffith-Haynie joins Tara McGillicuddy this week on ADHD Support Talk Radio. On this podcast episode Tara and Lynne will be discussing some important issues related to Sex and ADD / ADHD.

Please note: This podcast episode contains explicit sexual material and is intended for mature audiences only.

This podcast episode originally aired on 5/15/2012.

Madelyn is a practicing ADD Coach who trains, mentors and coaches ADD professionals. She also develops and delivers group, partner and private coaching series and classes for individuals with Executive Functioning struggles and disorders across the spectrum (as well as for those who live and work with them).

A multi-credentialed “Life” Coaching pioneer, founder of the ADD Coach Training field and co-founder of the ADD Coaching field who originated or developed much of the ADD-specific coaching technology in use today, Madelyn’s approach to coaching and training today can best be described as Brain-based Systems Development Coaching.

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ADHD Support Talk Radio host Tara McGillicuddy is an internationally recognized ADD / ADHD expert. She is also a top ADHD Coach the founder of

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