Adult ADHD expert Dana Rayburn joins Tara McGillicuddy this week on ADHD Support Talk Radio.  On this podcast episode Dana Rayburn and Tara will be discussing Lateness, Time Management and Adult ADD / ADHD.

This podcast episode originally aired on 8/1/2014. 

Dana Rayburn specializes in coaching adults with Attention Deficit Disorder to live more successful, effortless and rewarding lives despite their ADD or AD/HD. Dana is committed to bringing clarity and simplicity into her client’s lives. As Dana’s client Sandy recently said, “I am filled with a sense of calm and hope when I work with Dana.”

Her personal struggle with inattentive ADD, cemented Dana’s decision to become an ADD coach. She says, “I know how much more satisfying my life has been since I’ve applied the structure that helps me manage my ADD, and I want to share that with my clients. Though ADD can be a struggle, I see it as a gift that makes life much more exciting and rich than it would otherwise be. I want to help my clients learn to use their ADD to their advantage and to set themselves up for success.”

Dana came to coaching as a professional organizer. Since 1992, Dana has taught businesses and individuals practical ways to manage paper, stuff, space and time; skills greatly needed by her ADD clients. Prior to that she was business systems analyst for Hughes Aircraft Company in Los Angeles. Dana is a magna cum laude graduate of California State University, Dominguez Hills with a degree in business administration. She lives with her husband, daughter and dogs in the beautiful Rogue River Valley in Southern Oregon. She enjoys hiking, singing, cross country skiing and reading.


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